What’s the BIG idea?

At Kora Software Solutions, we are passionate about building innovative and useful products for our customers.

We’d love to hear about your App concept, and we’re happy to put together a free proposal on how we could build it for you.

Please send us an overview of your App via email to apps@kora.net.au.

To help us provide you with the best proposal possible, please read below:

  • Please provide an overview of your idea in as much detail as possible.
  • Please provide examples of other Apps/sites that are similar to what you have in mind (particularly the “look and feel” or style of app you require)
  • Please have a think about which platforms you would want to release your App onto. There are currently 3 major mobile platforms: iOS (iPhone/Ipad), Google Android and Windows Mobile.  Your choices will have an impact on the time required to build the App. Most people like to start with one platform, and if it is successful on that platform, then they expand onto the other platforms.
  • Privacy – we are happy to sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) to protect your Intellectual Property. We will never proceed to develop any idea brought to us without the original IP holders’ consent.
  • Although our team will always work with the utmost enthusiasm and passion for your project, we generally do not partner with or enter into joint ventures with customers. We will build your application for you, charged at an hourly rate or fixed quote. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to ask.

Also, some things to be aware of:

  • The Apple Appstore and Google Marketplace do have Terms & Conditions around what Apps are allowed to be sold through them. Apple is particularly strict with this sort of thing. We can help you navigate through the logistics and rules. Generally speaking, any application that offers violent or offensive content, along with pornography and other adult content cannot be sold through the AppStore, and will be blocked from sale.
  • In the technology world these days, virtually anything is possible. The limitations to success are more likely to be the resources, time and money required to get your final product to the market.  With this in mind, we will endeavour to provide a proposal that is cost effective for you, but allows your App idea to grow in complexity and functionality as you progress through multiple phases of development. In other words, we can begin your project small (both for budget and functionality if it suits you) and then expand the App’s capabilities when your sales start coming in.

Some useful tools:

Please feel free to use these tools and send through what you have put together! This will help us ensure the best possible outcome for you and your App!

Mockapphttp://mockapp.com/m/Home.html - A great tool for mocking up the interfaces of your application. It requires Powerpoint, and has all the images/elements you need to layout your app.

Mockabillyhttp://www.mockabilly.com/ - Another great tool that runs on your iphone or iPad for mocking up apps and producing multiple versions that you can use for demo purposes.

AppCooker - http://www.appcooker.com/ - This helpful software runs on your iphone or iPad to assist you in building mockup versions of your App. Very versatile!

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