Ever used Wikipeda? Silly question?

Imagine having your own secure and private Wikipedia for YOUR own company or product….


At Kora Software Solutions, we can set up a Private Wiki specifically for your company. You know every business is Unique. You do things differently for a reason - because in your business That’s What Works. But how do you effectively communicate so much existing and updating knowledge to your staff and stakeholders? How do you circulate changes and provide resources for new staff?

Your Business Knowledge is one of your greatest assets. As such, Information Management within your business should be one of your greatest priorities. 

Kora can set up a private Wiki KnowledgeBase that will allow your business stakeholders or staff to contribute to, and access your business information, at any time, from any location. 

Business knowledge you can centralise using a Wiki:

  • Company Structure – contacts and job descriptions of all staff and stakeholders
  • Company Vision and Mission Statements
  • Product Plans and Strategies
  • Documentation for all products and services
  • Links and files that your organisation uses on a regular basis.
  • Information about software licenses, graphic and technical files and other company assets.


All of your Business Knowledge will be securely protected by usernames and passwords and SSL security. Only those people approved within your organisation will be able to securely access your information.

Kora Software Solutions provide you with a customised, secure version of the Media Wiki platform to suit your specific KnowledgeBase requirements. We will securely host your database on our dedicated, fully-redundant servers in Australia. 

Make use of a proven world wide collaborative tool for your business!

For more information and examples of the Media Wiki system, please click here

If you’d like a quote to create your own Business KnowledgeBase through MediaWiki, please contact us at companywiki@kora.net.au

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